Visitor Information

All visitors will be required to sign in at Reception upon arrival and to wear a Red ‘Visitors’ ID badge or a green 'Contractors' ID badge. The badge must be clearly visible at all times. Please return your badge to the school office when you sign out.

As a visitor, you have a responsibility to care for your own and others’ health and safety. There is no smoking anywhere on our school site.

School parking information

Vehicles are parked on our school site at your own risk. Please park along the school drive, taking care not to obstruct the main entrance to the Manor.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the event of our fire/emergency alarm system being activated it is essential that all pupils, staff and visitors evacuate all buildings within Woodeaton. In the event of a fire or building evacuation, a continuous loud bell-alarm will sound. Please follow the instructions from a member of staff and evacuate our school in a calm, quiet and orderly manner as efficiently as possible via the indicated fire exits and/or fire escapes and report to our Secretary at the assembly point on the grassy area in front of the Manor building. A LMT member will help co-ordinate an orderly evacuation and ensure that our school is cleared.

Visitor safeguarding information

Woodeaton Manor School is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for all of its pupils, staff and visitors. We believe that if this commitment is to be put into practice then the safeguarding policies and procedures our school must be adhered to, communicated and fully understood and applied by everybody associated with our school.