Team Teach

Team Teach provides training to all staff using a holistic approach to behaviour support and interventions. The purpose of Team-Teach is to support adults’ understanding and management of challenging behaviour, by embedding and entwining the taught physical techniques within a holistic de-escalation approach, in order to encourage the promotion of socially acceptable behaviours for all concerned.

Team Teach Aim

To provide an accredited training framework designed to reduce risk and through working together to help safeguard people and services.

Team Teach Objectives

  • To develop shared values which promote the attitude, skill and knowledge needed to implement Team-Teach in the workplace
  • To develop positive handling skills in behaviour management including verbal and non- verbal communication, diversion and de-escalation and safe effective, humane physical interventions.
  • To promote the least intrusive positive handling strategy and a continuum of gradual and graded techniques with an EMPHASIS and PREFERENCE for verbal and non-verbal de-escalation strategies being used and exhausted before positive handling strategies are utilised.
  • To develop skills in positive listening and learning, and participating in a process of debriefing, repair and reflection.


Team Teach is accredited with a quality award by The Institute of Conflict Management (I.C.M.)

Key Terms

Positive Handling - Positive handling describes the full range of Team-Teach strategies used to de-escalate, defuse and divert in order to prevent violence and reduce the risk of injury to self, others and damage to property. Positive Handling is underpinned by documentation which supports the child and aims to provide security and safety, allowing for recovery, repair and reflection for all concerned.

Restrictive Physical Intervention - is: “the use of force to control a person’s behaviour” DOH / DFES R.P.I July 2002)

Woodeaton Manor School have 1 in-house tutor trained at an Advanced level. In January 2015 a further two members of staff completed their training at an Intermediate level meaning that we now have 3 in-house tutors. Having in-house tutors allows Woodeaton Manor School to keep skills in de-escalation to an upmost premium. All staff who have regular day to day contact with pupils are Team Teach trained to a Basic Level which is a 12-hour course. All 31 staff who are trained (14 Teaching staff, 10 Support Staff, 3 Residential Social Workers and 4 Office and Premises Staff) have a yearly refresher to again keep learnt skills and techniques to the highest standard possible.

Information regarding Team Teach can be found on the Team Teach website which can be found at