Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium

From September 2013 all primary schools across England have received a share of the Government £150m pa Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium. The funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles. From 2017, the Government announced that the Sport Premium funding would be doubled for the academic years of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Woodeaton Manor School have received £3000 for the current academic year.

At Woodeaton, the money has been used to fund swimming lessons across the whole school. Every child will have the opportunity to access these swimming lessons and to learn what is a vital life skill for all. The money will also to enable a PE Specialist to work alongside two KS2 Teachers (and their respective Teacher Assistants) in order to ensure access to, and development of high quality PE for all through team teaching and professional development. This allows the school to have a confident and competent staff team that can strive towards making all sport and PE to be of a high quality, enhancing the experience of all pupils at the school now and in the future.

A selection of resources has also been purchased to ensure that a broad range of activities, including those specific to KS2, can be undertaken to fulfil the schools PE Curriculum.

This has also allowed additional support such as:

  • Extra curricular sporting activities linking to the Residential Facility
  • Access to School Games Competitions with schools both in and out of the School Sports Partnership
  • Extra support for Vertical House System by improving the quality of intra-school, House sporting events


The Sport Premium money has had a positive impact on the pupils of Woodeaton Manor School. The rate of progress in the swimming ability of the pupils has been very good, and many of them are now able to swim at least 10-25m unaided. Not only is this vital for the pupils future, it has also allowed many of them to join in with school trips, both day and residential. Day trips to swimming pools and water parks, and residential boat trips are always popular at Woodeaton, and prove to be a massive part of their social and emotional development.

Participation in PE lessons is the highest that it has been in recent years, and pupils are showing a willingness to join in and give things a go. Pupils are growing in confidence in PE lessons, and this has impacted on other areas of their academic and social development, with a good percentage of pupils joining in with Sports Events and Competitions either within school (House Competitions) or against other schools (School Games).

The ability to have a broader, more inclusive curriculum has given pupils the opportunity to try different activities, and find ones which they particularly enjoy. This extra pupil engagement, coupled with the increase in confidence and quality of teaching and learning has enabled all pupils to access high quality PE on a weekly basis. PE lessons at Woodeaton are often shared with other class groups, giving the younger pupils an opportunity to sample the upper part of the school. This plays an important role in their transition to the upper part of the school through a non-threatening situation, building on coping strategies that will be of benefit to them in years to follow.

Woodeaton Manor School has always encouraged and developed healthy lifestyles in our pupils. The Sport Premium funding has allowed Woodeaton to further improve the attitudes of our pupils towards their health and well-being. Pupils are involved in setting their own targets and developing important life skills that enable them to make positive choices about their lifestyles. Woodeaton also has a healthy eating policy, and encourages pupils to think about the constituents of a balanced diet and having everything in moderation. This has also had a positive impact on the attainment of pupils by allowing them to engage and concentrate in all lessons, as well as improve their behaviour and reduce levels of disruption.

The Sport Premium Funding Impact Report for 2021-2022 is viewable here.