SEND Policy

All pupils at Woodeaton Manor have special educational needs and some have additional learning needs. The whole ethos of our school is to ensure that the special needs of each pupil, as identified in his/her Statement, are addressed. Meeting our pupil’s identified SEN effectively is a continuous process which requires:

  • A consistent planned approach
  • Involvement of parents/carers, the pupil, staff and in some cases additional services from outside agencies
  • Commitment and support of all the staff and governors


We value the contribution that every pupil can make to our school and are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their diagnosis, needs and abilities. We also hope to boost each pupil’s self-confidence and self-worth through experiencing success socially, emotionally and academically and celebrating their achievements. All members of our school community have a shared responsibility to ensure that everyone feels safe and successful.


Woodeaton’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy has been written to protect and support our pupils to help them achieve their full potential in all areas of their development – social, emotional, behavioural and academic.


“Staff have an excellent understanding of working with the students' range of special needs and ensure that students make good progress and achieve well.”

Ofsted, 2011


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy includes guidelines on SEND provision, SEND identification, the Annual Review process, Levels of Intervention, Curriculum Access, Staff Development, Parent/carer involvement and partnerships with outside agencies.


Click here to download our SEND Policy (PDF)