Raising Achievement Plan 2019-2022

The function and purpose of this plan is to secure a target position of an effective and efficient school that will provide a therapeutic and nurturing environment for pupils with emotional and social difficulties (ESD) to develop and be successful in all aspects of their development.  

This plan is a flexible tool which will guide good practice, discover excellent practice and establish a provision which will be a blue print for ESD provision for the LA and beyond.  This plan is not a stricture on development; on the contrary, it will support us to identify clear aims and the opportunity to grasp and implement key initiatives.

In creating and adopting this plan, it should be remembered that quite crucially it reflects our shared and agreed principles of entitlement, enrichment and equal opportunities, which underpin our every action in providing a positive way forward for all pupils in OUR school. 

Fundamental to the success of this plan is our continued commitment to working in partnership with all stakeholders, Parents, Carers, Governors, professional agencies, the Parish of Woodeaton and wider community, school partnerships and networks, the LA, staff and pupils – all have a valuable contribution to make.  It does need to be recognised that without mutual support and a genuine respect for each other, then our aims may not be met in full.   

In supporting the aims of OUR school and during the creation and execution of the Raising Achievement Plan, as a school we will uphold the following:

For the staff

Ensure that we maintain an expert team of staff and create an environment in which all can work effectively for OUR pupils.

Further develop a sense of ownership amongst staff so that skills, knowledge and ideas can be freely shared for the benefit of OUR school.

In practice:

  1. Continue a full programme of training opportunities for all staff
  2. Maintain personal, professional development in lifelong learning
  3. Maintain a supportive but challenging system of Appraisal 
  4. Sustain effective relationships within the staff body
  5. Continue and support the team ethos amongst all staff 
  6. Ensure that the working environment is conducive to effective teaching, learning and support.



Create and maintain a curriculum which is appropriate for the all-round development of each pupil and the needs of an ever developing society. 

Ensure that the curriculum spreads beyond the confines of the classroom in order to support the wide range of skills, talents and all-round growth which are essential for full personal development as valued members of the global community.

In practice:

  1. Develop and maintain a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which underpins the value of learning for personal growth throughout life
  2. Focus on personalised learning of the individual in the context of a diverse society
  3. Further develop and sustain a structured programme of Citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education 
  4. Extend the understanding and use of I.T.
  5. Research and develop a range of vocational courses
  6. Maintain and develop access to extra curricular activities for day pupils
  7. Continue to sustain an awareness of multicultural value and an understanding and acceptance of differences.


Pupil progress

Ensure that the progress and achievements of OUR pupils is monitored effectively and that pupils are persuaded, encouraged and supported into the success which they are capable of and beyond.

Ensure that high levels of attendance are maintained and improved so that all pupils have maximum opportunities to succeed.

In practice:

  1. Use effectively the growing database of pupil potential and achievement
  2. Research widely the ever growing needs of OUR pupils so that their specific and individual needs will be met in full.


OUR school

Ensure we control the growth and development of OUR school so that the environment for learning is not compromised and the ethos for learning is maintained.

In practice:

  1. Ensure that the new pupils fit the admission criteria for OUR school
  2. Develop links with feeder schools
  3. Build further our relationship with our local community
  4. Continue to work with our school partnership and networks.


School site

Ensure that the build programme for the school reflects the needs of the designation.

Maintain a programme of development and maintenance which creates an inspiring environment for staff and pupils to work in.

In practice:

  1. Adopt in full the Conservation plan and in doing so, balance the needs of the building with those of the pupils.
  2. Ensure that all areas of the school comply with agreed levels of Health and Safety.


Woodeaton Manor School

Raising achieving plan priorities for the years 2016-2019

  1. ​Continue extending progress data collection and review is presentation, to include exploration of life beyond levels
  2. Increase the number of pupils making two and three sub levels of progress, including an increase in the number of pupils gaining a C and above at GCSE level
  3. Interventions to improve pupils' readiness to learn
  4. Premises development
  5. Review pupil premium, adoption and sports premium
  6. Incorporate new Ofsted framework into the self evaluation of our school
  7. Fully evaluate the the impact of the eight additional learners
  8. Re-organisation of the residential facility
  9. Investigate the feasibility of an 'outreach' service
  10. Investigate Academy status

A copy of the RAP can be downloaded by following this link.