Working with Parents and Carers

It is firmly believed at Woodeaton that our pupils' interests are best served by parents/carers and professionals working together in partnership to help each pupil achieve their full potential.  This partnership is three-way, involving Woodeaton, the parents/carers and the pupil.

At Woodeaton Manor School, parents/carers and pupils can expect:

  • Equality of opportunity
  • Care for pupil’s welfare through an established code of behaviour to ensure a safe and caring environment
  • Staff to role model and teach pupils to develop a positive attitude to one another, regardless of gender, race, culture, belief, values, age, sexuality and need
  • Access to a broad, balanced, stimulating and challenging curriculum where a range of teaching styles are used to make the curriculum interesting and matched to different learning styles
  • Programmes of study suitable to the age, ability and aptitude of pupil’s in line with the National Curriculum requirements and the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
  • High standards of teaching and care
  • To have achievements recognised and rewarded
  • Weekly contact established by class teachers through phone calls home or e-mail exchange
  • Staff to encourage and motivate pupils to do the very best they can and achieve the highest qualifications possible commensurate with their ability
  • To be respected as an individual and set appropriate targets for future learning
  • A safe and happy environment where staff encourage all pupils to do their best within a challenging but supportive environment
  • High quality, up-to-date facilities
  • Regular communication about pupil’s progress
  • An opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities both in the UK and abroad
  • Any reported cases of bullying to be treated and investigated seriously and sensitively
  • Woodeaton to follow national ‘Child Protection’ procedures
  • An open school with Woodeaton sharing as much information as possible through a variety of means, such as newsletters home and weekly phone calls/e-mail exchange from form tutors.


We expect pupils to:

  • Work hard
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Be well behaved, courteous, thoughtful and respectful to others
  • Show respect for all members of the school and all property within the school
  • Take advantage of all opportunities offered by Woodeaton, both within and outside of the classroom
  • Wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance
  • Maintain Woodeaton’s high standards at all times
  • To report any instance of bullying immediately to a member of staff or to a parent/carer
  • To follow all the guidelines and instructions relating to the use of school computers, access to the internet and e-mailing
  • To uphold the rules, standards and values of the school on social network sites


Parents/carers are asked to work in partnership with our school through:

  • Letting the school know if any situation, concerns or problems are likely to affect their child’s learning and/or behaviour
  • Supporting school policies and codes of conduct
  • Ensure that their child’s attendance at school is above 95%– Parents/carers are responsible in law for ensuring regular attendance of compulsory school aged children (5 years and over) and for notifying the school if their child cannot attend.  Parents should contact school on the first day of absence, before
  • Taking an interest in their child’s education
  • Ensuring that their child is appropriately dressed in our school uniform and ready-to-learn
  • Encouraging a positive attitude to learning
  • Reading all information sent home from school
  • Supporting the school to encourage extra-curricular activities
  • Support the school’s fundraising activities
  • Attends meetings at school, such as Annual Reviews and CPA’s
  • Avoiding taking holidays during term time


If, as a parent/carer, you feel you have a concern, you should firstly speak to your child's form tutor.  If unresolved, please contact the Headteacher.  If you are still dissatisfied you may wish to contact the Chair of Governors.  Ultimately, you have the option to approach the Local Authority. 

A copy of our Home School Agreement is available in the office upon request.

Parent ViewParent View is the main route for parents and carers to give their views to Ofsted during a school inspection and at any time of the year. It also offers a simple way for those who lead and manage schools to find out what parents think of the school.