The Nest

The Nest is Woodeaton Manor School’s primary unit, providing places for pupils in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 – 11).

Our curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to develop academically, emotionally and socially.

"I am really enjoying The Nest. It is the best place for me. My favourite part is the variety of people and how they learn how to deal with their autism”

"Before I came to The Nest I didn’t like school and I didn’t go very often. Now I love school and I come all the time”

Our academic curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to study the fall range of statutory subjects. Details of the different subjects can be found here.

Our approach to learning promotes creative problem solving, independent study skills, as well as collaborative learning, wherever possible. 

“My favourite lesson was when Claudius, the Roman Emperor, came to visit and we asked him why he invaded Britain” 

“My favourite lesson was when we wrote a computer program on Scratch to make an animation”

“The Nest has helped me get better at my maths”

Our social and emotional curriculum provides children with opportunities to learn about themselves and others and to develop strategies to help them to be successful inside and outside of school.

“The Nest has helped me to understand about my Asperger’s. ‘Choices’ give us a chance to be with our friends and do things we like”

“In ‘choices’ I usually play football. It has helped me to make friends”

“On Fridays we go to the supermarket and then make our own lunch. My favourite was when we made our own burgers!”

We also provide opportunities for pupils to go on trips and visits. Pupils have had the opportunity to visit museums and galleries as well as going on boat trips, pantomimes and plays and other events organised by the Variety Club. 

“My favourite trip was to Butlins and going on the Dodgems. It was great to go away with friends from school”

“I really enjoyed the trip to the Ashmolean to learn about the Romans in Britain”

To view the NEST impact report, follow this link.