News Updates:

  • We are delighted to announce that £1,400 was raised at school for Children in Need. Thank you to all who helped make the day such a success!
  • We are currently migrating to a new website which we hope to have up and running shortly.


Welcome to Woodeaton Manor School, a daytime and residential Foundation Special School that offers a nurturing environment for 84 pupils, all of whom have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Need, with severe emotional and social difficulties in Key Stages 2/3/4/5.

Woodeaton Manor School changed designation in 2004 from a school providing for pupils with moderate learning difficulties to a school for pupils with emotional and social difficulties.

Woodeaton Manor caters for a wide range of special educational needs, including the following diagnosed or described conditions:

  • Attachment Difficulty

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Dyspraxia

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)    

  • Specific Learning Difficulties, i.e. Dyslexia

  • Speech and Language Disorder

  • Tourettes Syndrome

A large proportion of pupils have mental health issues and require extended support from a range of multi-professional services.

Woodeaton has extended its age limits twice since its re-designation. In 2009 Woodeaton established its Sixth Form provision and in June 2012, Woodeaton lowered  the age limit to admit six Key Stage 2 age pupils who are taught in ‘The Nest’ (Now Everyone Succeeds Together). Woodeaton also became a Foundation School on 1st April 2008.

Our school at a glance:

Woodeaton Manor School is the first school in Oxfordshire to be awarded the Quality Care Mark for Looked After Children (LAC) at an Outstanding level (January 2017). This mark demonstrates our school has excellent practice around those children in care and those caring for others.

  • Good and Outstanding Ofsted for daytime and residential provision respectively

  • Have a highly experienced and qualified staffing team

  • Provide high quality teaching and social experiences

  • Focus on personalised and individual needs of pupils

  • Work in a multi-professional way

  • Maximum class size of ten

  • High levels of staff support

  • In-house Educational Psychologist

  • Regular whole school trips and residential experiences both in the UK and abroad

  • Specialist rooms for Art (including a kiln room), Food Technology, ICT and Science

  • Self-contained residential area for boys and girls

  • Excellent catering arrangements