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Business Studies

Teacher: Mr B Guest 
Course: WJEC Eduqas, GCSE Business 9-1
Duration: 2 years – Linear 

First teaching from September 2017

What will I be doing on the course? 
The subject content enables learners to apply their knowledge and understanding to different business contexts, including businesses ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. The content is presented in six clear and distinct topic areas: 

  • Business activity – how it is concerned with meeting the needs of customers by providing product or service, in most cases, for profit 
  • Influence on business – all businesses operate in an external environment and there are a number of external influences that impact on business activity. The success or failure of a business will depend on its willingness and ability to recognise and anticipate these external influences. It is important that businesses respond to these influences in order to remain competitive and achieve their aims and objectives 
  • Business operations – business operations are concerned with the efficient management of the key functions and resources within a business to maximise profit. Businesses will organise their operations in different ways, depending on their size, types of goods or services they sell and the markets they operate in. These different contexts will affect decision-making on how a business operates 
  • Finance – the finance function manages the financial activities of a business. It will have a number of roles including start-up finance, the preparation and creation of financial accounts, maintaining financial records, paying bills and analysing financial performance 
  • Marketing – marketing involves identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs in a profitable ay. Marketing affects all functions of a business and includes a wide range of activities including researching the market, analysing the market and developing marketing strategy through the implementation of the marketing mix
  • Human resources – human resources focus on the human function within a business. It involves the recruitment, training, organisation, retention, development and motivation of employees. Human resource managers will work with other business functions to contribute and direct the business aims and objectives. 


Component 1: Business Dynamics Written Examination 2 hours 62.5% of qualification Component 2: Business Considerations Written Examination 1.5 hours 37.5% of qualification 
Both components assess content from all six topic areas, so pupils will be required to draw together knowledge, skills and understanding from across the subject content in each assessment. 

What skills do I need to develop to be successful at this course?

There are no previous learning requirements for this course. Pupils will be expected to use a range of mathematical skills and make justifiable decisions using both quantitative and qualitative methods applied in the context of GCSE Business. 

What could I use this qualification for?
This course provides a suitable foundation for the study of Business at either AS or A Level.