Readiness for Learning

At Woodeaton Manor School we aim to promote positive change in pupil’s behaviour through a supportive educative environment, a stimulating curriculum and the setting of high achievable personal targets. We believe in rewarding positive behaviour through our House Point and Top Banana reward systems but also provide guidance for sanctions, such as our 'Pink' recording system of incidents.

House Points -  House Points are given in recognition of positive behaviour, good work, improvement, effort etc. It can be awarded by any adult in the school. They are also recorded for parent’s information in the Pupil Profile shared at the end of every old term. In the end of year Awards, all pupils are handed a booklet in which their total number of house points are given. Pupils also receive a certificate.

Top Banana - On a Friday afternoon we have a final Banana Assembly. Pupils and staff nominate a banana to someone they believe deserves it. They say why this is and then move to hand them the banana and shake hands. Everyone else claps the person. Parents understand that if their child returns with a banana, they have done well at school and are encouraged to reward them as well. Staff feel good too!

'Pink' System - This is a set of incident sheets rated from level 1 (minor) to level 4 (major). There is also a 4R form to be used whenever a student is physically restrained (see examples). A form is completed as soon as possible after the incident has occurred and is given to the form tutor as soon as possible to enable a swift follow up e.g. notification of parents. The form is then handed to a member of the Leadership Team for recording and storage. A pupil’s data can indicate trends or improvements etc. in individual or class groups behaviour and enables changes to be made to affect this. 4R forms are also logged in a bound numbered book.

Any behaviour that disrupts learning must be dealt with quickly and fairly. All the strategies used in Woodeaton are intended to support pupils to improve their behaviour, develop their own strategies to support themselves and to help them to learn. Everyone at Woodeaton has the right to learn and teach in a peaceful and safe environment.

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