The total number of pupils on roll is 84. Regular attendance and punctuality is essential.

A pupil who has been absent from school must, on return, bring a note explaining the absence; this ensures that no pupil can be absent without the knowledge of Parents/Carers.

The attendance figures for academic years are detailed below:



2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020

Actual attendance


96% 90.23% 85.9% 90%

Authorised absence


4% 9.65% 12.7% 8.88%

Unauthorised absence


0% 0.12% 1.4%  1.12%


We are very proud of our attendance figures and seek Parents/Carers support in sustaining this excellent achievement. You can do this by making essential appointments in holiday time or in out-of-school hours. Where this is not possible, then an appointment which takes the pupil out of school for as little time as possible and returns them to school as soon as the appointment has completed would be desirable.

Parents/Carers are strongly encouraged NOT to take their children on holiday during term time.

Parents/Carers are asked not to send children to school who are feeling unwell in the morning. If a child falls ill or has an accident while at school Parents/Carers will be informed and the child will be taken home as appropriate.

In the case of an emergency children will be taken to hospital, John Radcliffe, and Parents/Carers will be contacted.

Pupils are expected to take part in Physical Education. A note or medical certificate should be sent prior to any withdrawal from the Physical Education programme.

Unauthorised Absence

Parents/carers are informed at pre-placement meetings and in the school prospectus of how the school will manage absences that are deemed to be unauthorised.

The following is a summary of the communication regarding unauthorised absence:

  • Schools have to record whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised in attendance registers and have to include your child’s attendance record in his/her annual school report.
  • If you do not let the school know the reason for your child s absence it will be recorded as unauthorised and the school will investigate the absence and may involve the Education Welfare Service.


Some reasons given for absences, shopping during school hours for example, may be unacceptable to the school and these will also be recorded as unauthorised. If you need advice about authorised/unauthorised absences please contact the school on 01865 558722.


Parents/carers should ensure that their children arrive at school on time, by being prompt for their taxis,   to prevent disruption to their own learning and that of others. Pupil lateness will be followed up by the school with the parent /carer. Serious lateness after the register has closed, and all taxis have arrived, will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may be referred to the Education Welfare Officer who could recommend prosecution of the parent/carer for failing to ensure regular attendance.