Simon Bishop (Headteacher)
Woodeaton Manor School,

Tel: 01865 558722

Parents & Carers Meetings

On the 2nd Monday of every half term parents and carers are invited to attend a session covering a range of topics.
Meetings usually start at 7pm with refreshments provided.

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Governor's Minutes

Governing bodies are not required to publish minutes online, but our Governors at Woodeaton Manor School consider this to be good practice and reflect the transparency our school.

Our Governor minutes are produced by our Clerk, Kit Howells. Our minutes provide a true record of:

    •    The important facts and discussion
    •    The agreed actions/decisions taken by the governing body
    •    Who is responsible for implementing the agreed action/decisions taken

Governor's minutes are signed off by the Chair of Governors, June Nisbet, at the next meeting, subject to them being approved by the governing body. The minutes are not only an official record of our meetings, but are seen as one of the key indicators of governing body effectiveness.

Minutes available for viewing:

June 21st 2016
September 13th 2016
November 22nd 2016
January 17th 2017
April 25th 2017